Dropshipping Case Study | $15K/Day With One Product

In this video, I do an in-depth case study of my store that is currently doing over $15K/day with just one product.

I start by giving you some info on the product that I’m selling and a basic overview of the store’s design. Then, I dive into my backend analytics to show you the stats I’ve been getting with this setup.

After covering the basics, I dive into my advertising strategy and explain how I took the store from $1-2k/day to $15k/day in just a few days.


  • Low ticket (under $15 selling price, product cost under $1)
  • Solves a problem
  • Consumable → potential return customers, people likely to buy more than one
  • Not available in stores
  • New → “Wow Factor”


  • Debut theme
  • No urgency
  • No trust badges
  • One main color for the whole store
  • Lifestyle photos in the product description
  • Discounted cart upsell to increase AOV
  • Improvement by elimination

Ads Testing Phase:

  • Had previous LAA data but ads were not performing well
  • Identified the problem: ads exhausted with my audiences resulting in a low CTR, making it hard to win auctions consistently
  • Solution: testing a lot more ads
  • If you think you’ve already tested everything, you’re wrong. Small changes can make a big difference by themselves, and those small changes get compounded with other small changes.
  • For me, these are the changes that made the most significant impact:
  • 1. Testing a short video (15-20s) vs. long video (40+ sec) – the short video did a lot better. My short video is just an influencer demo of the product sped up with captions explaining the product
  • 2. Testing different scroll stoppers – after seeing that the short video performed best, I tested different scroll stoppers (3-4 second clips in front of the video) and found one that had a significantly better CTR than the control
  • 3. Testing different Headlines and Link Descriptions – tested three variations and found a clear winner
  • Tested new ads in a PPE campaign, since I had previous data I used my top LAAs stacked in one adset
  • Once I found a winning ad, duplicated it into my CBO campaigns (into all adsets)

Ads Scaling Phase:

  • After duplicating the new “winning ad” into my CBO campaigns, my ROAS dramatically increased (watch my CBO vid for the campaign structure)
  • Hired an extra VA to reply to comments to help lower CPMs (GIF hack)
  • Scaled by increasing budget 50% every day on profitable campaigns until seeing a noticeable drop in ROAS
  • Hit the $5k/day ad account limit over the weekend and had to scale to a second ad account (now increased to $10k/day, easily increased it by contacting FB support via chat)
  • Scaling is easy, testing until you find something that works is the difficult part


  • Keep testing things even as you are profitable, ads & audiences get exhausted quickly especially when scaling
  • Re-invest into content, otherwise, you won’t have any content to work with when testing ad variations. IG Influencers & Fiverr is the best way to get raw content to work with.
  • When your ROAS starts to significantly drop after you scale, gradually scale down your CBO budgets and keep cycling in new creatives

7 Replies to “Dropshipping Case Study | $15K/Day With One Product”

  1. Hey Gabriel, am from East Africa and an interested in drop shipping Your concise and elaborate videos have a great wealth of knowledge and practicality.
    Is it possible to work in Africa and dropship elsewhere in the world?
    Is it okay if i can be a mentee?


  2. Thank you for your quality content, I’m really learniong things that i’ve never heard of before. greetings from belgium


  3. You’re doing a fantastic Job.
    I’ve been trying to achieve such success for the past 2 years and half, nada 😂.
    I have higher ticket item 10-25$ acquisition price. Thinks for the knowledge and inspiration.
    I live in Laval, Canada.


  4. Hi Gabriel,
    First of all, I fell that I need to apologise cause English is not my first language and I refuse to use google translator :(.
    I ‘ve been doing a lot of research about drop shipping ( online, youtube etc) and finally decided to start doing it.
    I Still don’t know what am I doing wrong,….my setting for conversion or my actual site that is not attractive at all.
    I was wondering if you could take a look at my site and give me your opinion.
    I totally understand that you are a busy person but if you have 15 to 20 sec just to have a quick look and reply to me, I would be very grateful for EVER.



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