[New] Facebook Ads CBO Strategy | Important Changes

In this video, I talk about the upcoming changes to Facebook Ads and how I’m updating my strategy to work with CBO (campaign budget optimization).

Since Facebook is making CBO mandatory in September, I have been doing a lot of testing with it for my own stores and wanted to share my findings with you in this video.

Two CBO Scaling Strategies That I’ve Been Using…

#1. Top Broad Interests

  • Top 4 countries (US, UK, US, CA) OR all e-packet
  • Test single interests in a separate campaign, take 5-10 best interests
  • Audience size 10M+
  • Narrow down to ~5 best interests based on performance, duplicate top ~2 interests if # of adsets drops below 5

#2. Super LAAs 5%

  • Separate campaign for each country
  • Combine 3 top-performing LAA types (i.e. PUR, ATC, IC, VTS 25%) – segment each into 1%, 1-2%, 2-3%, 3-4%, 4-5%; stack same % audiences to create larger audiences
  • Leave all adsets running, FB will optimize spend

More Tips

  • Purchase optimization
  • 1-day-click at the adset level
  • Multiple (3-4) ads per adset
  • Pause bad ads, leave 2 min. at all time, cycle new ones in
  • Min budget $250 (min $50 per adset)
  • Increase budget ~50% every 2 days, you can scale CBO more aggressively than ad set budgets because it shares optimization across the campaign

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