[Case Study] One Product Dropshipping | $1,032,512 in 5 Months

In this video, I do an in-depth case study of my one product dropshipping store that did over $1M in sales in under 5 months. This is the same store that I talk about in my “Free Course” video so if you haven’t seen that one, I highly recommend that you watch it first.

Click here to watch that video.


  • Solves a problem & very large target market (mass appeal)
  • Very competitive (saturated) when I started – over 15k orders on AliExpress
  • Found the product on Ecomhunt scrolling through older pages
  • Checked Google trends and saw the start of an uptrend


  • Searched for the product name on AdEspresso and found an ad for it from a few months back with over 5 million views
  • Made my own ad (modeling the one I found on AdEspresso) by using clips from YouTube, and putting them together with Animoto
  • I used what I call the “quick testing” strategy to test this product: PPE campaign to ALL (18-55 WW, men and women, no detailed targeting) to get cheap views + social proof, then build a 95% video viewers LAA
  • Tested 1%, 1-2%, 2-5% for US — 2%, 2-5%, 5-10% for UK, CA, AU
  • Took 3 days to become profitable. This is usually what results look like for me, not profitable right away.
  • Think of it as buying data, not losing money. Follow what the data tells you


  • Introducing new creatives consistently. Sent product to 5 people on Fiverr to get content made according to my needs
  • Ended up testing 20+ video variations over 5 months
  • Scroll stoppers – main thing I tested was the first 3 seconds of the video. This first 3 seconds of your ad need to be engaging and stop the user from scrolling past your ad. This is key to get a lower CPM
  • Different creatives for retargeting. Don’t always show the same ad – this increases ad fatigue. Image ads tend to work great for retargeting.
  • 45% LAAs, 23% broad interests, 32% retargeting
  • This product kept getting more and more saturated but I was able to keep dominating because I continuously made new ads
  • Killed poor performing ad sets and created new ones similar to the top performing ones every day (10-20 new ad sets per day)


  • Net profit was around 19.8% including all fees & expenses. Biggest expense by far is advertising, second is COGS
  • This business isn’t for people scared to spend money. You need to spend a lot in order to make a lot, especially with rising ad costs

6 Replies to “[Case Study] One Product Dropshipping | $1,032,512 in 5 Months”

  1. Iam really interested in starting my own drop shipping business but not sure how to get started. You out of all the big youtubera caught my attention. I hope you can help me get started. Thank you.


  2. Gabriel,
    The “single product theory” is great in terms of minimizing cortisol levels while maximizing productivity. I think your time was extremely well spent.

    I like your approach Gabriel and I am willing to do the work required to do well.

    I will start after I get setup.

    I’m glad I have found your channel Gabriel. A sincere thank you for all of your generosity and have a wonderful and safe Holiday Season.

    I see ya in the meantime.


  3. Hey, good stuff. My question is, when you begin using LLA’s how do you implement them into your adsets? Do you duplicate your adsets or just edit?


  4. Hi Gabriel,
    can you please explain further the:

    Tested 1%, 1-2%, 2-5% for US — 2%, 2-5%, 5-10% for UK, CA, AU

    Not really sure what you mean by that.


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