Automating Your Dropshipping Store | $1,382/Day Profit on Autopilot

In this video, I talk about how I automated one of my new dropshipping stores to the point where it generates around $1400/day in profit with only 15-30 minutes of work. Specifically, I cover the three main time-consuming tasks that need to be taken care of while running a one-product dropshipping store at scale: customer service, order fulfillment, and marketing.

Main Time Consuming Tasks

  • Customer service
  • Order fulfillment
  • Marketing

Automating Customer Service

  • Use ZenDesk integrated with Shopify to keep things organized and save time with macros
  • Hire customer service reps (CSR) on UpWork
  • I usually pay $7-8 per hour, you get what you pay for
  • Only hire people with experience using ZenDesk
  • Communicate with your team on Skype when need be
  • Put a lot of work training your first CSR, then get them to train new ones

Automating Order Fulfillment

  • Dropshipping agent
  • By focusing on one product, can streamline the fulfillment process
  • Agent connected my store to his ERP system, two-way integration
  • Orders are automatically fulfilled without me having to do anything
  • I pay him ahead of time so he can stock my product and ship orders out within 24 hours

Automating Marketing

  • Hardest to automate, especially at the start when you are testing a lot
  • Can outsource to ad agencies, not recommended
  • During the scaling phase, it’s possible to automate
  • I spend only about 15 minutes a night creating new adsets
  • Automated rules are used to pause and re-activate adsets (RevealBot)

Tasks Not Automated

  • Business & growth strategy. For this particular store I’m building it into a private label brand
  • Generating content. This can be outsourced (i.e. Ecomvids) but if you have a clear vision it’s better to do it yourself
  • Finances (managing cash flow, send money to my agent, communicating with accountant etc.)

9 Replies to “Automating Your Dropshipping Store | $1,382/Day Profit on Autopilot”

  1. Hi. I live in Mississippi. In the usa. I have been watching alot of youtubers and for some reason you look lime someone that will honestly help someone to achieve financial freedom. I would like to get in contact with you personally on how to get started from scratch. Thank you


    1. He’s really busy, he’s free youtube vids already help lots of people, just need to take action. Also, he might charge over 10k$ for a coaching call since he has over 40000 subscribers now.


  2. hi, gabirel I am a bit confused when I see the comment on this blog.

    WC PUR – 95% VV LLA Testing Phase, What is the best Audience size ?

    2M + the best?
    5M +?


  3. hi, Gabriel, I am a little bit confused when I see the comment on this blog.

    In WC PUR – 95% VV LLA Testing Phase, What is the best Audience size?

    2M + ?
    5M +?


  4. Hello Gabriel,
    I was wondering if you need someone to manage an Instagram account. I don’t call myself an expert but I know one of 2 about Instagram marketing. I have learned from leaders in the game like @josuepena and many more.

    I saw on your store beauty charcoal that your post are not really consistent. So I was wondering.

    Feel free to send me a DM @sander.key

    Looking forward to your reply.


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