New Facebook Ads Strategy for 2019 (Advanced) | Dropshipping/E-Commerce Guide

In this video, I’m going to be showing you a new Facebook Ads strategy that’s been working really well for me. I believe this will be one of the best strategies to use in 2019.

This strategy combines the power of Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO), a new Facebook Ads feature, and the power of lookalike audiences.


  • Facebook recently released Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO)
  • Instead of setting the budget at the ad set level, the budget is set at the campaign level
  • FB optimizes the budget distribution to give more budget to top-performing ad sets in real time
An image from Facebook explaining CBO

Strategy Requirements

  • Already running ads on FB and getting consistent sales
  • Already collected some data to build LAAs (pixel data, IG data, email list…)
  • Looking to increase profitability with your existing campaigns

Strategy Overview

  • Lookalike audiences (LAAs) + Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO)
  • Single campaign for each type of LAA (i.e. US Buyers LAAs in a single campaign)
  • Break down each lookalike audience into 5 segments (i.e. 1%, 1-2%, 2-3%, 3-4%, 4-5%)
  • Campaign budget $100-250, let FB optimize ad spend
  • Double budget every 2 days if the campaign is profitable

Recommended LAAs to Test

  • Buyers
  • Buyers with lifetime value
  • Top 25% visitors by time spent
  • 95% video viewers
  • Instagram saves

7 Replies to “New Facebook Ads Strategy for 2019 (Advanced) | Dropshipping/E-Commerce Guide”

  1. Again man, amazing content. No fluff, no garbage, just valuable information. My drop ship game has grown leaps and bounds since I found your channel, thanks for all the work you put in Gabriel.



  2. Hey Gabriel,

    if 100,000 (individual) people see your ad how many people on average will click on the add, visit the website and how many of those people will buy a product. What is considered a bad rate, a good rate and an awesome (out of this world) rate?
    If you pick a product under 10$, for example 4,50$, do you always put the profit margin to a max. 30$ and then scale down if it doesn’t sell, or do you start low and make it more expensive, if it booms, what is your approach on profit margins, do you have general multiple? For the example, what would you start with, then the original product price is 4,50$?
    Also, would it be able to hire you as a consultant, for full set-up, work-through the complete dropship process, even more detailed, than what you already provide on your youtube channel, especially for specific questions?

    Best wishes to you


    1. Hey Juliet, Click through rate depends on your CPM and the audience that you are targetting. The industry average CTR is about 1% however, if you have very expensive CPMs it could be as high as a 10% CTR


  3. Hi Gabriel,

    What is your approach to retargetting?

    Do you use a Reach campaign? (and if so how many impressions per day?)

    Do you use a Purchase conversion campaign?

    Are you using different content (video?) or different ad style(eg carousel) when you do it? Using any type of offer to bring customers back to purchase?



  4. Hello Gabriel,
    Thank you for your video, it’s a useful one, but I’m wondering – you didn’t mention that in this strategy it’s crucial to exclude each segment, so if you are running campaing for 2% LLA, you should exclude 1% LLA and so on, otherwise audience overlapping will kill your campaign.


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