How To Make Video Ads for E-Commerce & Dropshipping | Simple Method 2019

In this video, I’ll be showing you my method for making videos ads for dropshipping & e-commerce. This method does not require any real editing skills and is relatively cheap compared to other methods of making original video content.


  • Original video content works the best
  • Send products to 3-5 people who can record content
  • Split content into 4-second clips
  • Compile it together and add subs with Animoto (paid software but makes it easy)
  • Easy testing by changing first content block (first 3 seconds)

Getting Content


  • Search for “product video” “product demo” gigs and send a custom inquiry explaining exactly what you need.
  • If you have specific requirements for actors, you can search “model” “video model”, find an actor that fits your requirements and send a custom inquiry


  • For certain products are a better way to go because they have experience making videos i.e. makeup
  • Reach out to influencers on Instagram explaining what you need. You can arrange a collab where they post on their feed and use the content but this will be more costly
  • Often times you can negotiate a much lower price for the content if they don’t have to post it on their feed. Avoid influencers with mgmt.


  • If the product doesn’t require actors, you can just order it and shoot video content yourself.
  • If the product requires actors, reach out to friends & family to find people who can help you

Writing Video Script

  • Simple, short, easy-to-read captions for each 4-second video
  • First few lines should grab viewers attention with social proof i.e. “Everyone is talking about this!” and show the problem your product solves
  • Make it seem like it’s a viral video on FB, not an ad
  • Explain how it solves their problem
  • Captions should match what’s going on in the video
  • Look at competitors to see what’s working for them
  • End with a CTA, something like “Tag a friend” or “Get yours now by clicking the link below”. I usually go with “Tag a friend who needs this”

Making Video Ad

  • Unless you’re an experienced video editor, I recommend Animoto with “Clean Cut” style
  • Easy to use, and easy to modify existing ads
  • Split content you got from Fiverr or influencers into short 4-6 second clips. Ideally, you want about 8 clips to work with. This will give you room to test different combinations.
  • Fast paced clips. I usually split up and speed up the video using InShot on my phone but you can use any video editor
  • Try to match the music to the first transition
  • The ideal length is 30-50 seconds
  • Animoto offers a watermark but I don’t use it because it’s easy to cover. I add a large 30% opacity watermark in the center of the video afterward. I use InShot on my phone to do this

Other Tips

  • Test different leading clips for your ad. These make the most impact.
  • Design custom thumbnails with a text bar at the top (the kind you see on viral FB videos) that catches your attention
  • Even if you can’t afford to get content made for you, you can use this method with content you find online. It always helps to use different/better ads than competitors, even if it’s not original content.

4 Replies to “How To Make Video Ads for E-Commerce & Dropshipping | Simple Method 2019”

  1. I have watched a couple of your videos and I like that you have logic and reason, behind your approach not a mindless “formula” that maybe effective in the short term but will fail in the long run, because you are lost to make adjustments as markets change. Your method makes you understand your customer, I look forward to watching more videos and launching my store and getting in the game intelligently.


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