New Product Research Method 2019 | Shopify Dropshipping

In this video, I show you a new product research method for 2019 to find hot dropshipping products.

AliExpress recently released their “Dropshipping Center” which has 3 useful tools for dropshippers. The “Hot DS Products” tab is a list of dropshipping products that are selling well. The suggestions are based on your AliExpress browsing history.

There’s over 250 pages of hot dropshipping products to browse from. I like sorting this by category to find hot products within niches that I’m already involved in.

Lastly, the dropshipping center has a “Product Analysis” tab which helps you gauge the sales trend for a certain product. This is very useful to see if you already missed the trend with a product.

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10 Replies to “New Product Research Method 2019 | Shopify Dropshipping”

  1. Hi Gabriel!
    Hope your doing great! Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge. I’m new in dropshipping & still creating my site & hunting for ideal product to sell. I just subscibed to your Youtube channel and have watched all your videos. In this new video you have Dropshipping center on your AliExpress account & on my AliExpress account I don’t see that option. Is there anything that I have done wrong on creating an account with them? Please guide me on how you have set up an account with them.
    Thanks in advance.


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