Facebook Ads for Dropshipping/E-Commerce in 2019 | MASTER FB Ads in 30 Minutes!

In this free course video, I cover everything you need to know about Facebook Advertising for dropshipping and e-commerce in 2019. 

Warning: FB ads is very competitive and therefore requires good content + a LOT of testing. Don’t expect immediate results!

1. Setup

  • Pixel installed and page created
  • Column set
  • Ads manager is set up in folders: Campaigns > Ad Sets > Ads
  • One objective per campaign

2. Audience research (countries, age, broad interests)

  • Understanding interests, flex targeting, “no one else would”
  • Audience insights: start with what you know about your audience (competitors, or target demographic) to find interests to target (highest affinity groups with 1M+ audience size)
  • If you have existing data about your page, check affinity groups
  • Common sense

3. Split testing creatives + social proofing with PPE

  • Target your buyer demographic (broad) worldwide to get social proof and data ($10/adset, one ad per adset)
  • Look at cost per engagement & cost per add to cart to determine which creative is the best
  • Build a 95% VV custom audience once you have 100K+ views to test LAAs
  • LAAs finds the people most similar to a custom audience you have
  • In this case, we are showing FB a group of people who watched 95% of our ad and their algorithm finds the people most similar to that group

4. Launching VV LAAs + interests using WC PUR optimization

  • Always use PUR optimization, one video ad per ad set (use same post ID)
  • Test 95% VV LAAs for each new creative (US, UK, CA, AU)
  • Test interests you found during audience research, one interest per ad set
  • $5, $20 or $50 ad sets for testing based on how aggressive you are (higher budget, more data faster – $50 can tell in one day if good or bad audience)
  • Understand the ad set learning phase. 50 conversions are needed to properly optimize.
  • FB recommends a bid-to-budget ratio of at least 1:10 (i.e. if your average CPP is $15, your ad set budget should be at least $150 to properly optimize), 1:25 is better
  • You can still test with $5, $10 or $50 ad sets but they won’t optimize as well and won’t be consistent
  • Keep an eye on higher-level funnel actions if you don’t have any purchases i.e. if your ad set doesn’t have any purchases, look at the cost per ATC instead of cost per PUR
  • Create as many new ad sets every day, both imitating what’s already working and testing new angles
  • Test combining best interests with Engaged Shoppers & Online Shopping (flex targeting)
  • Use breakdown to find potential winning ad sets within broad ad sets (country, age & gender, platform)
  • Larger audiences (5 million+) tend to work best, gives some room for FB to optimize
  • Smaller audiences have higher CPMs

5. Killing underperforming ad sets, analyzing important metrics (CPM, CTR, VC, ATC, IC, PUR)

  • Calculate your breakeven ROAS [product sale price / (product sale price – product cost)]
  • Look at last 5 days of data (including current day) and kill any ad set below your breakeven ROAS
  • Even if all your cold traffic campaigns are just break even, you can make it profitable with retargeting

6. Scaling profitable ad sets

  • Duplicate $5 to $20, $20 to $50, $50 to $200, then $200 to $500 with MB
  • Manual bidding not necessary unless $500/day+ daily budget on the ad set
  • Bid cap 2-3 times your target CPP. Must keep an eye on MB ad sets to adjust bid cap if not spending enough (raise bid cap) or spending too fast (lower bid cap)
  • Needs more time to optimize
  • Hard to master

7. Launching a retargeting campaign

  • VC last 7 days (excluding ATC last 7 days)
  • ATC last 7 days (excluding IC last 7 days)
  • IC last 7 days (excluding PUR last 7 days)
  • VC last 30 days (excluding VC last 7 days)
  • 75% vid viewers last 30 days
  • Retargeting works best with multiple creatives per ad set. I usually have 3+ creatives per ad set so that people are retargeted with different ads instead of seeing the same ad
  • Automatic placements to remove delivery constraints. Works best when you have content for every type of placement i.e. video, photo, carousel

8. Scaling with more LAAs once you have more pixel data

  • Value-based LAAs
  • Top 25% visitors by time spent LAAs
  • Test all pixel events LAAs
  • Scale horizontally (test as many LAAs as possible) first then scale winning ad sets with duplication + large budget MB
  • Watch the video on $5k/day scaling method

9. Fighting ad saturation

  • The main reason why ROAS drops over time
  • Continually make new video content
  • Create a new ad every month minimum
  • Sometimes all you need is to switch the first 3 seconds to fight ad saturation
  • This happens because if people recognize the first second of the vid they usually just scroll past, tired of seeing the same ad + many people use the same content (watermark your ads properly!)
  • Watch the video on how to make video ads

E-Packet country list:
United States, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, United Kingdom, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Spain, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Saudi Arabi, Turkey

47 Replies to “Facebook Ads for Dropshipping/E-Commerce in 2019 | MASTER FB Ads in 30 Minutes!”

  1. Hands down the most valuable video I’ve watched on Facebook ads since I began my time researching the Dropshipping business model. Big Fan of your content Gabriel. Thanks for sharing.


  2. This Video was soooooo helpful and straight to the point! Maybe the best explanation I’ve heard and I’ve taken two courses one that was 900 dollars & one that was $500 and this free video bridge it all in less than 30 minutes


    1. Thanks, Gabriel !! Really insane face!

      I’m crazy to start my business Dropshipping here in Brazil, and I’ve

      been studying this for some time and I’m going to put it into

      practice, you motivate me immensely I’m 48 years old and I look

      like a 18-year-old with your videos, I have a professional import

      company so I understand a little and finally I’ll put Drop in action!

      Dear God bless you always!


  3. Yo Gabriel,

    J’aime tes vidéos et je viens de commencer à dropshipper il y a environ 1 mois et j’ai environ $700 CAD de profit mais je ne sais pas vraiment quoi faire maintenant. J’aimerais avoir un review pour mon site, comment tu le trouves.

    PS: J’ai essayé les influenceurs instagram mais c’est trop red ocean, ya trop de monde qui font ca même si j’ai eu un peu de succès. Je fais maintenant des publicités fb et j’en ai réussi quelque unes avec comme 4$ par achat avec un profit de comme 20$ par produit.

    Bref, j’aimerais vraiment te parler et que tu puisses m’aider. J’ai déjà regardé toutes tes vidéos et plusieurs autres sur YouTube.

    Merci de ton temps



  4. Gabriel,
    I am blown away by the difference between what you have laid out in this video (Course) and what a sea of others try to sell as good FB Ads instruction. Im new to this gig (started learning in June of 2018) which is embarrassing, since i just turned 56. I have serious plans to finish strong, and i cant imagine another way (or better way) to support that than through Dropshipping. You may not care – but i started running ads with a tight (know-nothing) budget in early Oct .. ive made some sales – but basically lost around $300. after all the expenses (ad spend, shopify, apps, etc). I so appreciate your candid and straightforward instruction.

    Quite honestly, i am fully committed. But transparently, i am frustrated and scared. Even following your detailed FB Ads plan, success still hangs in the balance of the right product and timing.
    Oh well, I’m in it to win it. I guess this is just a very long way of saying thank you. Everyone’s story and start are different – love to hear yours someday – in the mean time .. be encouraged to know that you have absolutely set me on a course that i plan to follow to success. Thanks so much,

    nate jackson


    1. Hey Nate, thanks for the nice words man! I’m glad you’re enjoying the content. Age is just a number and I find it super cool that you’re getting into this now! Keep working at it, trust the process and you’ll get there. Cheers my friend!


  5. Tons of value in your video and organized notes. You’re really giving out some great stuff. I am becoming a fan. Needless to say really appreciate your sharing this Info!


  6. Gabriel St-Germain thxz brother I am from India
    your video was straight to the point thank you so much for helping me.
    Junaid Makrani


  7. Hi Gabriel,
    Do I follow your method above when I had found the winning product? or it can be testing for winning product using the above method? I spent quite alot of money on ads, have to make sure im following the right steps of your methods. Thank you my friend


  8. Great video man just one question
    What do you mean by 100,000 views for ppe audience when split testing. View content, reach or what. My cost per view content is 9 cents so that would mean $9000 for 100,000 view content.


  9. Hey Gabriel,

    Loving all the content! You put out nothing but gold and it’s really appreciated.

    I just had a question about running/testing Facebook ads in general. Obviously all of this information is overwhelming to try and remember so I was curious what the best way you’ve found to manage it all and keep all of this organized? Do you just use your checklist whenever you’re testing new products or is this something you just remember over time and it becomes second nature?

    Curious what you’d recommend for a newer Facebook ads marketer!

    Thanks a lot,



  10. I have watched a couple of your videos Gabriel. Its really a breath of fresh air to find a person on YouTube that does not flash the lifestyle but still gives subtle hints of what is possible and still delivers powerful content. Would love to come and visit you one day and thank you in person (when I can afford it!)


  11. HI Gabriel,
    Thanks for your video and your guides, Great content!

    I still have one doubt, when starting to test a product, you first analyze your audience and get their interests, after that you test different ads, and here comes my question,
    you test different ads in different adsets without specifying any interests?



  12. If you are willing to create a facebook ads course that goes in detail step by step I would be willing to pay for that. When you get to ads manager it is a lot and there are so many things its overwhelming.


  13. Thanks man, it helps a lot. I forget where to find your vid on the product research. I remember you said 3% of the total order count. Is it on daily order must be 3% of total order count or accumulation of 2 weeks data on DS center?


  14. Hey man, I just wanna say.. You are awesome and I am very grateful for the content you share!

    I have a slight problem. What would you do in my situation?

    Basically I have been an affiliate marketer for years now and in the past I’ve had a lot of fb ad accounts banned. Mine, families – you name it.

    Now, I’m coming away from Native to launch dropshipping and I want to use fb ads.
    I can use a service where they provide accounts and payment sources BUT my concern is that I am relying on these guys for the success of my dropshipping business.

    If I get banned because of their accounts, I don’t wanna neg rep my domain as I have worked hard on customizing it and I’m looking to make it into a well-known brand.

    Anyway, how can I protect myself so-to-speak. If I start getting a lot of data into my pixel and get banned, then what?
    What would you do, make a new fb acc? They don’t like new ones hmm..

    Sticky situation, but I’m determined to start growing this. Just don’t want to grow and plummet and lose all data etc.

    Any advice would be massively appreciated. Love your content/videos man you are a legend.



  15. Getting ready to launch our website. This helped me a lot as I’m a beginner. We are going with the most trending products to the US market. Not Just with one product. It’s hard to find a Niche…. What’s your advice on this. Have seen your Video Dropshipping Profitably in 2019 – Main Strategy Changes.


  16. This is the most informative post I have read in a long time.

    When state retarget after 100k views.. Do you mean once you have collected 100k views which meet the 95% criteria? Would this not cost a small fortune to get to this point, especially if you’re still trying to work out if the product will convert?



  17. Thank you so much for all this incredible information and for sharing and being so giving. This info is incredibly valuable and as mentioned above the best I have seen out there so far on this topic. Gratitude.


  18. Also you remind me of a young Xavier (from X-men). I know you’re probably busy with adventures but would be great to hear from you again and see what you been up to.


  19. 100% what everyone has said. You have some of the best content I’ve come across on the web, and believe me, I’ve sifted through a lot… Thanks for putting this stuff out!

    Is there any way I can get my store reviewed by you at some point?


  20. Hi Gabriel,

    I have watched your video several times to learn more about FB ads. Your way of presenting FB ads was very useful to start the dropshipping business. Thanks!


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