[Free Course] Dropshipping in 2019 | $664,441 in 3 Months With ONE Product

In this video, I take you through the exact strategy I used to kickstart this new dropshipping store to $664,441 in sales in just 3 months. This free course covers everything you need to know to start a profitable 6-figure shopify dropshipping store in 2019.

Strategy Overview

  • Build a brand around a hot dropshipping product
  • Add related products in the same niche for cross-sells and trust factor
  • Building a brand around one product makes you seem like the “original” and convinces people to buy from you rather than Amazon
  • The large majority of orders will be from ONE product, which makes mass dropshipping fulfillment much easier

Product Research

  • Products with a mass appeal, wide target market
  • Solves a problem
  • Don’t worry too much about “saturation”, only means there’s a lot of demand
  • Must be proven to sell. You want to find a dropshipping ad that was posted recently and has a lot of views/comments
  • 4 Strategies:
    Strategy #1 – EcomHunt
    Strategy #2 – Facebook Search + Spying on Ads
    Strategy #3 – Browse AliExpress
    Strategy #4 – Ask Dropshipping Suppliers for Hot Products

Building a High-Converting One Product Store

  • Store name should reflect what you’re offering
  • Free themes are OK, it’s the customization of the theme that is important
  • Having fewer products makes it easier to write good product descriptions for each product
  • Consistent color scheme
  • Go through your entire funnel, and put yourself inside the mind of your potential customers to find possible improvements
  • Currency converter if selling worldwide
  • Sticky ATC
  • Quantity Breaks OR Upsells/Cross-Sells to increase AOV, depending on the product
  • Marketing automation (Conversio, SMSBump, Recart)

Facebook Ads

  • Build a store FB page, try to make it look like an active page (not just a brand new one)
  • Split test at least 2-3 video ads to start off
  • First few seconds are the most important, thumbnail 2nd most important
  • For mass appeal products (i.e. teeth whitening), start testing multiple broad interests for e-packet countries with your best video ad (Audience size 20M+)
  • Purchase conversion goal
  • For more niche products, a good place to start if no prior pixel data: Worldwide PPE to get social proof then build 95% VV LAAs for US, UK, AU, CA.
  • As you get more pixel data, keep testing new ad sets (whether it be LAAs or interests)
  • Continually create multiple ad sets a day and kill underperforming ones
  • Retarget 75% VV, WV, ATC, IC separately, scale based on results + frequency

33 Replies to “[Free Course] Dropshipping in 2019 | $664,441 in 3 Months With ONE Product”

  1. Hey Gabriel, I’m just starting out with my dropshipping business and just wanted to ask you how many products would you recommend having in your store based around your niche?


    1. Hello Gabriel,
      Thanks so much for the information! I have one question though, how do you deal with the long shipping time from places like Aliexpress?


  2. Great videos. I would love to know how you can become my mentor? I am 38 years old and used to own 6 nutrition store before they all went under. I am not looking to be rich but making what you made in a couple of these is always the goal.

    Any advice you can give or is there a way we can work together?

    Thanks for your time.

    Shane Chase


  3. Hey Gabriel!

    I know your busy, just quickly want to say thanks for all the value you’ve been putting out there man, I think I speak for everyone who watches your content and take action. We appreciate it! ❤

    I'm 18 years of age from the Caribbean (Trinidad and Tobago), and I'm now starting to see some results..just a quick question, does "7-day view or 1-day click" or "1-day click" matter?
    especially how we are in Q4?

    Thanks in advance,



  4. Garbriel,

    Thanks for the valuable information. For a newbie like myself, what is VV, WV, ATC, IC, LAA, PPE, and AOV? Please calrify on other abbreviations that may hinder understanding.


    1. VV- Video Viewers
      WV- Website Visits
      ATC- Add To Cart
      IC – Initiate Checkout
      LAA – Lookalike Audience
      PPE- Page Post Engagement
      AOV- Average Order Value

      For your info. Hopefully it helps


  5. Hallo Gabriel,
    Thanks for the inspiring videos,i have learnt a lot and looking forward to start drop shipping.
    Whats the name of the theme that you have used in the site?


  6. Hey Gabriel,

    I’m a little curious on where the inventory comes from? if you use the Shopify import tool on EcomHunt, do you have to source the inventory ourselves? How does this work?


  7. Good stuff Gabriel,
    Wondering what online retail stores can I use to acquire my products from instead of Aliexpress. Products coming from China take long and sometimes don’t arrive. Do you know of one maybe from the USA or Canada or from wherever that is reliable? Thanks


  8. Hello Gab!

    Greetings from Brazil!

    Could you do deeper in this part?

    “Retarget 75% VV, WV, ATC, IC separately, scale based on results + frequency”

    I didn’t get how you work with this strategy

    Thanks in advance for your attention!


    1. Hello Gabriel i am new with my store and I have no idea how to promote or make a Facebook ad do you know anybody that can help me?


  9. hello Gabriel,

    i throughly enjoy your videos. i am definitely learning alot. Thank you. However, i am having a hard time understanding what site I have to go to in order for me to be able to download different fonts.

    Thank You,


  10. Hi guys I’m a beginner and i wanted to know if i wanna make a 1 niche store do i have to do it with a helping product or can i do it with something wide like lamps? Thanks


  11. Hey Gabriel,
    Much thanks!

    I’m really interested in drop shipping but I don’t know how to setup a website neither do I understand some of the basic terms used in this video. Is there any step by step guide on this?


  12. Hi, I’m just starting out and I want to use alidropship I don’t know if your strategy can I work on Ali drop-shipping… ?


  13. Hi Gabriel,

    I am starting to build an online shop. I really appreciate your valuable contribution, it’s a great value for me. And I have a few questions, I hope you have time to reply. I wonder how do you proof your site a trustworthy shop with only few products in store and the web page is so simple. Do you use one shopify account to create many one product store? Regarding the email address, if you create a store name based on what product you sell, do you also change your email address accordingly?


  14. Gabriel,
    i want to start a store. i have couple of questions
    1) if i open a store,does the name should be registered?
    2) Does it require business to register in state or federally?
    3) Store name and business name should be same or can be differently?


  15. Hi there,

    Would you able to help me set this up for me?

    I will give you half of one month earnings.


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