[Case Study] 0-$100K in 25 Days Dropshipping (Facebook Ads)

In this video, I do a case study on a new store that I’ve recently launched and scaled to over $100k in sales in 25 days.

I start by giving you some info on the product that I’m selling and a basic overview of the store setup. Then, I dive deep into my Facebook ads launch strategy to explain how I was able to scale up so quickly from complete scratch. To make it easier to understand, I broke it down into 3 phases:

1. Initial Data Collection
2. Data-Driven Targeting
3. Creative Optimization

After explaining each one of these phases, I hop into my ads manager to show you what kind of return on ad spend I was able to get week-by-week by launching with this strategy. I also reveal a week-by-week P&L statement to show you how much I had to invest in getting this off the ground, and how much I profited.

Product & Store

  • One product store
  • Got targeted by a FB ad, product caught my attention
  • Solves a very common problem
  • Not commonly found in stores
  • Trending up
  • Wow factor
  • Found multiple stores actively selling it (using AdSpy)
  • Approx. 3k orders on AliExpress
  • ~3X pricing, no upsells currently

Ads Initial Setup

  • Took video clips from suppliers & YouTube to put together a first video ad
  • Avoid clips featuring someone’s face from YT
  • Switch to your own content ASAP
  • Fast paced ad (3-4 second clips) with captions
  • Brings up a problem in the first few secs and proceeds to offer a solution
  • 25-30 seconds, shorter the better (while getting your message across)
  • Quickly edited the ad together with iPhone app “InShot”

Three Launch Phases

I. Initial data collection

a. PPE 18+ T4 to get video viewer data
b. 95% VV LAAs (0-5% in 5 segments), 10 broad single interests (different angles); T4+ countries, WC PUR
c. If no audiences with CR above 2-3%, work on improving your offer/store

II. Data-driven targeting

a. Focus in on best interests & demographics, launch LAAs with better data (WV, VTS 25%, ATC, IC, PUR… value-based LAAs once 500+ PUR)
b. Identify top audiences

III. Ad creative optimization

a. Use top audiences identified so far test new creatives; PPE to save budget, one ad per adset
b. Once you find an ad that performs better than the current best, add this ad to all your WC PUR campaigns
c. Consistently test creatives to stay ahead of the curve

Buying data at the start is crucial. Data leads to strong LAA targeting & effective purchase optimization.

Creative Optimization

  • Only change one variable at a time when split testing creatives
  • PPE to save budget, one ad per adset and compare the relative performance
  • In total so far, I have tested approximately…
  • 3 different videos
  • 5 ad copies
  • 3 leading clips (scroll stoppers)
  • 5 thumbnails
  • The best creative is the one that drives the most actions taken on your website
  • Therefore, the most important metrics to look at are CTR (link-click), CPVC, CPATC
  • PUR in PPE usually means it’s a winning ad


  • Scaled using CBO super LAAs, and demos (no detailed targeting)
  • Increasing budget 50% every day at ad account midnight time until ROAS starts dropping significantly
  • Watch my video “New Facebook Ads CBO Strategy” for more details about this
  • Utilized value optimization once pixel had enough data


  • Fulfillment is easier with one product
  • Used DSers while testing the product, bulk order & payment
  • Switched to an agent after crossing 20-30 orders per day
  • Agent sourced the product, verified quality, & ordered stock based on current order volume
  • Streamlined fulfillment with fast lanes to main countries
  • VAs and ZenDesk ticket system for customer service
  • For more info, watch my video “Automating Your Store

5 Replies to “[Case Study] 0-$100K in 25 Days Dropshipping (Facebook Ads)”

  1. Hey Gabriel! Thank you for another awesome video. When you state T4+ countries during the initial data collection phase, the ‘+’ is referring to e-packet countries or wherever your supplier is able to ship to correct? Also, at what budget do you typically set your daily budget to?


  2. I have a shopify store and recently started the facebook/ insta story ads. First day has been amazing but i’m not converting the customers to sales, but anyways. I dont drop ship. I’m liquid with the items, but can i use your class to help succeed with what I have built so far on my website?


  3. I am interested in your course, but will your course also be updated regularly? The last video is 9 months old … correct? Regards Wim from the Netherlands


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