How to Dropship Profitably in 2019 | Main Strategy Changes

In this video, I cover the main strategy changes that I think you should implement in order to dropship profitably in 2019. The dropshipping space is evolving very quickly and it’s important to stay ahead of the curve if you want to be successful.

Niching Down

  • Move towards a niche or one product store strategy to differentiate yourself from the mass of sellers
  • General stores don’t convert as well due to the number of people that have had bad experiences with similar stores in 2017/2018
  • Place increased focus on store design to avoid being perceived as just another dropshipping store or a “scam store”

Focusing More on Branding

  • Easier to do when you have one or a set of products in a well-defined niche
  • Transition to a private label brand as soon as possible
  • Use lifestyle imagery for your products, sell a lifestyle with your product
  • Use micro-influencers to generate content
  • Strive to offer faster shipping times and better customer service
  • Example: HiSmile

Multi-Channel Advertising

  • Don’t focus only on FB ads, look into influencers, google ads, press releases… etc.
  • FB ad costs will likely keep increasing, can combat this by using multi-channel funnels
  • Example 1: Reach someone initially on Facebook then retarget them with YouTube pre-roll ads
  • Example 2: Reach someone initially through IG influencers, then have a funnel for IG engagement on FB ads

11 Replies to “How to Dropship Profitably in 2019 | Main Strategy Changes”

  1. I totally agree with you on the shift to more designed oriented/one product stores for 2019. I’m a UX designer myself and lately I’ve struggled getting sales for my one product store. Please consider reviewing my store and if we can chat for a few minites I’d greatly appreciate it! Big fan of your content.


    1. i would watch gabe’s tutorials again, & again. from your post you’ve listed multiple products but his videos say to move toward a one product store. focus on one product. what ads are you running? on what platforms? im not the brightest tool in the shed but, i would watch the tutorials again & take notes…. its all there in the videos just gatta pick them apart. i’v been at it 8 days, NO EXPERIENCE, and its starting to come together. Hopefully will launch soon. SEE YOU AT THE TOP! GOOD LUCK!


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    Please let me know whether you would be interested and I would gladly send you all the details necessary for registration. You may also reply to this mail should you have any concerns or questions.
    Best Regards


  3. Hi Gabriel
    I have seen your video and thank you so much for teaching
    Your lesson and strategy are so wonderful
    I have a little confused about my private problem
    Could you please help me out and let me start doing my dream.
    I have few question?
    You don’t mind giving me some advice and suggestion to let me start my dream
    First of all, I am a foreign person who is living in United State.
    Can I launch my store and doing business legally in United State.
    Second is how much budget to start up.
    How to get LLCs for international student who really want to work and launch business in United State .
    Thank you for any suggestion
    I hope I will contact to you soon
    Thank you so much


  4. Thank you so much Gabriel! You are surely my angel! I have been struggling with Ecom for about 6 mo. now. Still fairly a newbie, but I know others are crushing it in much less time. I have
    gotten sucked in by the less scrupulous out there and have lost a lot of money…right now about 30,000 in debt from one big player and 2,000 from a smaller one but still not playing fair. I feel it is time for me to do what it takes! I think I have way more than paid my dues! I’m not afraid of hard work, just lack the technical expertise to put it all together. Got a lot of good information from ur YouTube and hope to join ur mastermind group. Please continue to help me rock!!!
    Bethany @


  5. Hi it’s me Bethanychos and I have another store currently and thinking about a third. I’d be real interested in your opinion for a new niche. My other store right now that I am focusing on is Hope to talk soon!


  6. One more thing…so excited..r u aware of SalesBrain? It is a platform that links Instagram bots to it and uses branding and a cause to promote and contribute to. I have joined but I can figure out how to connect my bot. I need tech support but it might be worth ur while to look at it with me!


  7. Hi Gabriel, your very helpful and interesting content is greatly appreciated. Setting up an online business based on the “drop-shipping model” in itself is not so daunting. What I did not expect and is daunting are the hugely comprehensive online options which make directional decisions very difficult, particularly when not up to speed with all available technology. The one issue I believe is key to a successful store is the provision of quick delivery times, any tips you can give to achieve this for a newbie like myself would be greatly appreciated.


  8. Hi Gabriel,
    I’m about to get into drop shipping. I just came across you-tube videos last night. You are a great teacher. I currently know nothing except what I’ve learned on a few videos. Do you provide any teaching, on Step by step how to build a site and get a store started? If you do. Can you please help me? I want to buy your course, but I am not sure if you there are any teaching how to start online store. Thank you.


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