$5K/Day Facebook Ads Scaling Strategy For Dropshipping & E-Commerce [Step-By-Step]

In this video, I explain the strategy I use to scale Facebook Ads campaign from $0 to $5K in daily ad spend within just 10 days using lookalike audiences. I also give tips and tricks on how to get the best ad performance and which type of ad you should use.


  • Need a proven product that’s getting sales
  • Need a good video ad
  • Pixel already installed on your store

Setting Up Your Video Ad

  • Create post in Ads Manager
  • Use same post ID for each ad so that all engagements go to the same post

Warming Up Your Pixel

  • Promote your product with IG influencers for cheap traffic (this should be profitable)
  • OR run a PPE campaign to Worldwide, excluding US, UK, AU, CA to get cheap video views then build 95% vid viewers audience

Building Lookalike Audiences

  • 95% vid viewers 30
  • Buyers 30
  • ATC 30
  • IC 30
  • WV 30
  • VTS 25% 30
  • $50 budget each ad set (less than that won’t be enough for FB to optimize)
  • Separate campaign for main 4 countries: US, UK, AU, CA
  • For US, test 1%, 1-2%, 2-5%
  • For UK, AU, CA, test 2%, 2-5%, 5-10% (smaller population)


  • Determine breakeven ROAS (including payment processor fees, COGS & other expenses)
  • Kill ad sets below breakeven ROAS
  • Top performing ad sets, duplicate into manual bidding ad set and raise budget to $200
  • Manual bid 2-3 times your target cost
  • If the MB ad set is performing well after 48 hours, keep increasing budget 50%


  • Easiest conversions, most important part
  • Retarget IC 7, ATC 7, IC 30, ATC 30, WV 30, 95% vid viewers, 75% vid viewers
  • Retargeting campaign should have the highest ROAS out of all your campaigns

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