Personal Branding: How I Made $450K in 30 Days

In this video, I show you exactly how I was able to make $450k profit in just 30 days. This free course covers the basics of personal branding and explains how you can monetize your passion by building an audience.

I start by sharing my general formula for a personal branding business:

1. Develop skills that are in high demand
2. Build an audience on social media by sharing value within your niche
3. Identify a problem your audience has and offer a solution

Then, I explain each step in-depth and relate it to my own experience growing this YouTube channel and monetizing it with a paid course. I also show you a few examples of other personal brand businesses that you can learn from.

  1. Developing skills that are in high demand
  • There are many different skills that you can monetize, however, if you want a lot of growth potential you need to pick something in high demand.
  • A few examples: money & career related, health & weight-loss, life improvement, relationships…
  • Can do something more niche as well: i.e. photography
  • For me, it was digital marketing and eCom/dropshipping. I got lucky with the timing because if you check google trends, this is the most interest there’s ever been for dropshipping. The related skills are in high demand.
  • Didn’t learn overnight, learned over years. You need to be passionate about what you’re doing, otherwise, you won’t stick through when it gets tough.
  • 1st attempt in eCom in 2013 at 15 years old, POD phone cases, big failure (saved photo, FB post), had no clue what I was doing
  • Gave up on eCom for a while and started promoting CPA offers, made some money but it didn’t last… (cpaelites profile) Spent $50k+ on ads at 16 (only knew how to boost posts for a while…)
  • Started a passive income blog in 2016 at 17, wrote dozens of 2000+ word articles about dropshipping & passive income, no one read the blog
  • Early 2017 at 18 yo, finally found success in eCom with @beautycharcoal while in university, dropped out of school a year later (safety cushion) and started more successful stores
  • All this lead me to have value to share on YT about a topic that I’m passionate about
  • Value is king for personal branding, you need to have value to offer and that only comes through experience
  • Find something you’re passionate about, get good at it (by sticking to it), then you’ll have value to offer (if you’re passionate about it, so are some other people… 7 billion people)
  1. Building an audience on social media by sharing value within that niche
  • Pick one main social media platform to focus on (for me, YouTube)
  • Quality > Quantity
  • Understanding the algorithm (CTR, watch time)
  • Focus on creating content that can go viral (no one cares about your vlogs…)
  • Don’t just copy other content that went viral… Study the content that went viral to know what type of videos you should be making, but Come up with your own ideas based on what’s happening within your niche (i.e. Best alternatives to Ali vid, Free course vid)
  • Modern SEO -> sharing the most value
  • Consistency, people start noticing
  1. Identify a problem/pain point your audience has and offer a solution
  • For my audience, pain point was not being able to succeed with dropshipping despite taking multiple courses, watching videos etc.
  • Offered a solution: a case study based course on one of my stores, different than existing solutions out there
  • Can be a video course, book, physical product, consultation…

2 Replies to “Personal Branding: How I Made $450K in 30 Days”

  1. I absolutely love that you are clear and analytical about the different endeavors you make! It helps people to not only get real insight into the process but helps them to not be blinded by promises too large for them to fulfill.
    Thank you!


  2. Hi friend, thanks for your great videos. I am doing affiliate for long and now I am learning dropshopping. Thanks for great series of videos. I am Calgarian too – NW. Want to learn from you more and hope we can contact through Skype. Thanks


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