How to Launch a Dropshipping Product | Facebook Ads Blueprint [Step-by-Step]

In this video, I talk about my method for testing dropshipping products. Using this method, I’ve achieved a success rate of 60% launching new products with Facebook Ads.

I get asked a lot about my testing strategy and a lot of people seem confused as to why I jump straight into one product stores before testing dozens of products on a general store.

Here’s my point of view.

What 95% of people do:

  • Make a general store
  • Test 5 or more products weekly
  • Employ a very simple testing strategy i.e. 10 adsets, $5 a day each, single interest
  • Let it run for a day or two, based on those results kill the product or attempt to scale

Typical result:

  • End up testing 20+ products (sometimes up to 100) without finding a single “winning product”
  • Waste $1000+ on FB ads testing without getting anywhere
  • Get discouraged about dropshipping, blame it on “saturation”

What I do instead:

  • I’ve tested only 5 products since I’ve started dropshipping – out of those 5, two failed, two went on to do 7-figures in sales, one is doing 6-figures monthly right now
  • 60% success rate testing products

My strategy:

1. Only test products that you KNOW are selling. I cover my product research methods & criteria in my video “ultimate product research guide for 2019”. Keep in mind that problem-solving products are the easiest to sell to cold traffic and have the highest demand. Find products that are proven to sell right now, either by:
– Analyzing AliExpress data (ratio of daily sales to total sales (3% min. ideally)
– Analyzing competitors sales (engagement on ads, people commenting about their order, trick)
– Getting insider insight from Chinese suppliers

2. Put in extra effort for each product you test. Build a branded store around the product. Create social media pages for the brand. Buy a domain (not just a general domain “”)

3. Start by testing at LEAST 3 ad variations. Impossible to judge the success of a product with just one ad. First thing I recommend testing is the leading 3-seconds of your video ad. So an easy setup to start is making one video ad, and making 3 variations each with a different leading clip.

4. Start figuring out the demographic targeting first, then narrow it down. Once you find a creative (video ad) that is performing well, next step is figuring out the demographics. Age range + gender + location

5. Once you figure out the demographic targeting, use that demographic + single interests to start narrowing down

6. Test all LAAs possible as soon as you have enough data. I recommend 500 people in source custom audience before building an LAA. Test LAAs for the countries you identified as profitable.


  • Avoid wasting time testing dozens of products
  • Allows you to focus all your energy on dominating one product
  • Easier to build a brand in the long run


  • Spend a lot of money buying data without getting a return at the start
  • Need a bigger starting budget

11 Replies to “How to Launch a Dropshipping Product | Facebook Ads Blueprint [Step-by-Step]”

  1. Gabriel im confused. When we create PPE or VV campgaign to test best Ad set. Do we use any interest or keep it blank in interest?



  2. Hi Gabriel,
    First I will start by saying thank you so much for all the great and valuable information you share and post. My question…on the cons part, are you referring to general stores??

    Thank you
    PS I have been learning and researching as much as I can but I’ve struggled with finding that One Product so I have not built my store as of yet.


  3. Hey Gabriel,

    Hope you’re well. I know you’re busy so I’ll be brief.

    I’m with Spocket, we’re a dropshipping marketplace app on Shopify and Woo with over 25,000 active stores featuring vetted US and EU suppliers so that customers can receive their order in 2-5 business days.

    Love your work, hope we can connect to discuss a potential partnership.

    Warm regards,


  4. This is not for a first timer that’s for sure. I will plan to incorporate some of this strategy once my budget gets bigger. It seems very thorough, and I would like to connect with you again to tell you how I’m doing.


  5. I love the valuable info you freely share. You totally rock! I especially like that you post notes from your videos on your blog. You are an amazing marketer & totally transparent person who is greatly appreciated!


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